And So It Begins…

Big Bear, CA (source:

So about a month ago, Brenden and I were travelling up to Santa Clarita to see some friends and attend a birthday party. I had been in a bit of a funk for the last couple of days and as we started talking, I came to realize a what was (in large part) getting to me: I was tired of sitting around and not doing anything. Sure, there was the day-to-day and the off-handed event (like birthday parties), but there wasn’t anything significant. Nothing to leave me with stories, a sense of adventure, or those ‘wow’ moments. After all, most people don’t care about a kill-streak you had in Overwatch or this time you and your group of adventurers during a table-top sessions tackled a particular dungeon. Unless, you know, they are into that sort of thing.

So there it was: I wanted to get out and see the outdoors. I wanted to go places: Big Bear, Anza Borrego, Tahoe, see the Redwoods, go to Yosemite, Yellowstone. Hell, I even want to drive into British Columbia and make my way to Alaska. Now that would be one hell of a trip; one hell of a story.

And so it begins…

Pardon Our Dust

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